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Market Lofts, Overland Park, KS

  • Project Name: Market Lofts
  • Sector: Mixed Use
  • Design Completion Date: 2017  
  • Status: Complete 
  • Location: Overland Park, KS 
  • Client: 2Point Construction 
  • Construction Cost: $8M
  • Project Description

The Market Lofts project, at the northwest corner of 80th and Marty street, is a mixed-use building, with 36 apartment units, 5,700 square feet of retail and an underground parking garage. 

  • Artin's Project Scope
  • Artin collaborated with 2Point construction and delivered structural steel design as well as shoring design. The Value engineering provided by Artin allowed for significant savings during the construction of the building.

    We helped our client save in construction time and around $100,000 during the construction phase of the building by using an innovative idea for the shoring design. Since the existing neighboring building had encroached a few inches into the project’s property, the client was planning to purchase the neighboring property to maintain the previously approved plans and architectural layouts. However, Artin’s innovative shoring design allowed them to perform shoring with the existing situation while keeping the neighboring property safe.

Ellie Forouzesh, PhD, PMP

As a principal engineer at Artin, Ellie oversees business development and financial projections, securing objectives and funding, as well as maintaining project budgets. Her background and experience in engineering, 12+ years of project management experience, and being certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) allows her to manage and support each project to be delivered to clients on time and within budget. Ellie is a diligent senior project manager engineer offering a proven record of success at leading all stages of a project.

Ardy Sherafati, PhD, PE, SE

As a Principal Engineer at Artin, Ardy is licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in 11 states and licensed Structural Engineer (SE) in California and Nevada. Ardy earned his PhD in structural engineering in 2012. He has 15 years of experience in structural design of new construction, retrofit and rehabilitation projects for different types of buildings. Having hands on experience in industrial, commercial and residential buildings, Ardy has served as the design lead for more than 100 projects across the US (mostly in California)